Bakery Beats

An all-in-one Discord Music Bot

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Easy To Use

Bakery Beats' command layout is super simple, and is always guaranteed to get you your choice of song in a matter of milliseconds. Bakery Beats also has a built-in DJ component. This can be activated to prevent trolls from skipping songs, or even Disconnecting the Bot entirely from the Voice Channel.

High Quality Music Selection

Bakery Beats utilizes Frederikam's Lavalink System to deliver Extremely High Quality Audio. Our Lavalink Server is currently being hosted with Vertix Hosting to ensure Bakery Beats has a 24/7 Connection to your music. Since Lavalink is being put in place, we can guarantee that Bakery Beats will attempt to find the most high quality song based off of your search query.


Have a Playlist on YouTube or Spotify? 
Simply run the play command with that playlist link. Then, Bakery Beats will automatically filter every single song from that playlist, and add all the songs to the Player's Queue, automatically.

Automatic Queue Updates

Whenever a New Song starts playing, when the Queue Ends, or when the Bot gets Disconnected (either by command or by right-click disconnecting), Bakery Beats will automatically send a message informing users about this change automatically.  (This feature can be disabled at any time)

Helpful Support

Bakery Beats was made by DevNoah, who currently owns the Development Company Vertix Studios. Vertix Studios has their own Support System set in place for the company itself, but it has been adapted to support users who require assistance with use of Bakery Beats.